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Maia the Owlsie

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07:41 pm: A day in the life
Ooo yes, she updates twice in a month. I´m guessing that impresses nobody but me.
This is an entry I´ve been thinking about doing for a while and which was inspired by ashes_to_roses who did the same thing some time ago. I just really enjoyed that entry so I figured I´d give it a try. I opted for a rather quiet and uneventful Friday mind you, basically just to see if I did manage to get through it and remember to snap all the pictures you´re supposed to snap. So without further ado, a day in the life, Friday 28th March.

 photo DSC00650.jpg
6.30 am - Good morning! Or to put it more accurately: Morning. Because to a nightowl by nature, anything before 10 am is pure torture.

 photo DSC00651.jpg
6.45 am - First thing´s first, feed the furball. And yes, he does have a bloody buffet down there. Fortunately furball is good at regulate his own eating, and doesn´t gobble it all down like a dog. Therefore I can just leave the food out there throughout the day. He has two types of dry food because one is a regular Eucanuba I got at the pet store, but since last December he´s had to have a special Royal Canine vet food for high liver values. I just put both out there. Thankfully he loves the vet food more than anything!

 photo DSC00652.jpg
Second thing´s second: Feed Owlsie. Coffee, Kellogs K with banana and skimmed milk.

 photo DSC00653.jpg
7.15 am - Makeup, Urban Decay being the brand of choice. And yay! Daylight early enough to do makup in the living room!

 photo DSC00655.jpg
7.55 am - Off to work and what a lovely morning it is. I mean, if you first have to be up at that unholy hour...

 photo DSC00656.jpg
8.25 am - Arriving the office downtown.

 photo DSC00658.jpg
Owlsie´s work place, where a paperless society is nothing but a myth. This being a tidy moment and only showing about 25% of the paper stacks. And yes, I have stuffed doggies on my desk.

 photo DSC00659.jpg
11.30 am - Lunch, which I forgot to snap a picture of (had to happen, right?). FYI I had a chicken foccacia and then a coffee and a couple of Belgian pralines.

 photo DSC00660.jpg
3.40 pm - Yay, almost weekend! Boss and co-worker Dana having a chat.

 photo DSC00661.jpg
4.00 pm - Weekend is upon us, and ready to leave. Can I just show off the cute purse I bought in Copenhagen last months. Not sure if it´s Desigual but it looks like it. We luvs it.

 photo Untitled-2.jpg
4.45 pm - Chores, grocery shopping being unavoidable.

 photo Untitled-1.jpg
5.15 pm - Back home to have a cuddle with furball because he´s been alone all day and missed me! Or possibly he´s just slept all day and I´m the one who´s missed him...

 photo DSC00670.jpg
6.00 pm - Dinner. On this occasion, tortellini with cream cheese, spring onion and cherry tomatoes. Probably my fave way of preparing pasta and super easy too.

 photo DSC00672.jpg
8.00 pm - Cupcakes completed. Yes, we were two people doing the decorating, hence not one cupcake looking similar.

 photo DSC00673.jpg
9.00 pm - Owlsie exhausted after a busy week relaxing the rest of the evening with her one of her fave sweets, soft licorice. Was actually dead by 11 pm.

There we go, hope it wasn´t too boring. If anyone else fancies doing the same, let me know. I really enjoyed this. Happy spring all and finishing off with another Ylvis GIF:

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[User Picture]
Date:March 31st, 2014 06:01 am (UTC)
Ooooh! I'm very envious about that Urban Decay eye shadow palette you have there! I have a similiar one from a much, much cheaper brand but obviously, "NAked" is the real deal :-)

Can I just show off the cute purse I bought in Copenhagen last months.
It's so pretty!

Also, hai thar Murre :-) With your killer blue eyes.
[User Picture]
Date:March 31st, 2014 07:06 pm (UTC)
Urban Decay is åsåm. Their eye shadows tend to have quite a bit of falldown, but other than that they are soooo good.
I actually have three palettes now (both Naked 1 and 2), well four incluiding the bronzer/blush one and I´m really lusting for Naked 3. Not that I need it in a million years.

Frodo cat still alive and kicking :o)
[User Picture]
Date:April 5th, 2014 12:05 am (UTC)
Love it!
Corn flakes with sliced banana is one of Earth's best food dishes.
The blond in that Ylvis gif looks like Heath Ledger. =(
[User Picture]
Date:April 5th, 2014 12:00 pm (UTC)
Thanks, I really enjoyed yours so I had to try it :o)
I don´t really like normal corn flakes, I pretty much only like the Kellogs K.

Yes, a lot of people has said he looks like a younger version of Heath Legdger. And that his brother looks like Paul Rudd. And what´s funny is that they don´t really look like each other:

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