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March 2nd, 2013

09:08 pm: Holiday snaps: Lanzarote
Morning LJ-world and long time no see. And a very, ridiculously-way-behind-schedule Happy New Year to all. I´m aware it´s been over two months. First I was busy, then I got a really nasty cold, then I went on holiday and the past week I´ve been very preoccupied with cross country skiing. As a matter of fact I´ve been trying to finish this entry for the past five days.

But let´s get on to one of those things. Second week of February I managed to get myself a bit of summer by going on vacation to Lanzarote (one of the Canary Islands in case ye be wondering).
You know what that means, don´t you: PICTURES!

 photo DSC00345.jpg

Y mucho mas aquíCollapse )

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December 11th, 2012

07:06 pm: Xmas: Childhood favourite revisited
Happy advent people!
I meant to do this post about a week ago, but what do you know, time flies at this time of the year...

The weekend before the last, I went to the cinema see a Christmas movie I had been looking forward to for some time, "Reisen til julestjernen" or "Journey to the Christmas star" in English. It´s a re-make of an old classic movie from 1974 (which is again based on a play) which I think almost everyone here is grown up with as it´s aired on the telly on Christmas Eve morning every year.

Now you know how it is with something you love, you´re afraid someone´s going to mess it up. So was I when I first heard of the re-make, but after seeing the trailer, I thought I looked promising enough. And it really was a lovely film. It is very different than the version from the 70s both visually and story-wise (the re-make I´m told is actually closer to the play I´m told), but it´s still a lovely story with the same message.

Have a look yourself - there is no trailer for the old movie, but I did find this beautiful compilation online:

And here is the trailer for the new one:

Which one would you prefer?

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November 26th, 2012

08:23 pm: Pre-Xmas work event thingie....
Busy times!
November is officially julebord season in this country. I never know exactly how to translate julebord in English. It´s like a pre-Xmas party. All work places have it, but it´s not an office party, because it´s usually held somwhere else, at a hotel or restaurant or something. And it´s usually rather formal. You can have private julebord as well with friends and family, then you usually have it at home or at a restaurant and you eat Xmas food. If it´s work-related it´s also more of an end-of-the-year thing with speeches from the management etc.

Anyone got a clue what I´m on about....? I´m gonna assume you do. My point is obviously that such an event took place at my work before the weekend. And it really was an event, you see.

It all began early Friday mornCollapse )

In other news cross-country skiing is well on the way, and yours truly is slightly occupied. I appologise in advance to anyone who follows me on twitter, there will be a lot of XC talk from me until.... er, March.
Ye be warned, I´ll be a pest.

And - it doesn´t exactly make it any better when it turns out that probably the biggest star in the entire XC circus has decided to follow little ol´me back on twitter.
Colour me delighted :o) Happy days for a fangirl, people!

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November 12th, 2012

09:13 pm: Things I want: Knitted sweaters and cross country
As you may know, there are very few things I like about winter. But if there was one winter wear I would pick if I have to, it would have to be the gorgeous Dale of Norway sweaters. I´ve been looking through their newest collection that is coming out in honour of the Nordic Skiing World Championships in Val di Fiemme next February and since XC skiing is the national sport here AND the new season is opening this weekend, I figured I´d do a pic spam where I combine gorgeous knitwear and good-looking young sporty people at the same time. It´s not a bad concept, is it?

First of, I have to say I actually DO own one of the Dale sweaters, I got the 1994 Winter Olympics sweater as a gift once. It was probably about 3 sizes too big at the time and fits much better now:

NB! If the pics don´t show, try clicking the links below.

More here - ready set and....!Collapse )

Like any of them? Which one would you pick then? Sweater or athlete is optional ;o)

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November 5th, 2012

09:50 pm: Holiday snaps: Spain
Evening LJ-world.
Two weeks ago I came back from a late summer holiday in Spain. I went to Marbella, Costa del Sol as I´ve done a couple of times previously, and because of that I didn´t snap as many pictures this time.

But here are just a few impressions of my latest trip.


This is just me forever trying to capture the fantastic view of the Gibraltar and the Atlas mountains in Africa which were REALLY visible that evening. I never know why they don´t come out on pictures, the rude bastards.

Y mas photos aquiCollapse )

PS! pleasant_valley thanks so much for the v-gift! Sorry I didn´t notice earlier, we don´t really celebrate Halloween here... but lovely with a sign of life all the same. Hope you´re well! XXX

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October 9th, 2012

08:24 pm: A furry picspam, because it´s been aaaages!
It just dawned on me that it´s been forever and a half since I did a kitty spam. Well, theoretically not so much a kitten anymore, because Murano The One Furry Frodo Cat is turning 8 next month. Although he DOES try to make me believe he´s getting old and too weak to jump up on the kitchen counter anymore and that he actually has to be LIFTED up to get treats... only to jump up himself 10 minutes later to demand more treats... that sorta thing.

But any-smooch a little spam is about high time. Therefore I present:

Lounging The Furry Way!Collapse )

And that is all. Happy lounging y´all!

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September 30th, 2012

07:49 pm: Again with the Real Techniques and the bunads!
Appologies if it sounds like I´m repeating myself, because I know I´ve been talking aobut these subjects before. But I did eventually get my hands on those Real Techniques brushes I was rambling about, and I think it´s only fair that I give them a proper review:


First off, let me say that there has been a lot of hype around on the interweb about these brushes. And I can honestly add to all the praise given.
Besides from being very affordable (price ranges from about £ 5-10 per brush. That´s about three times as cheap as the MAC brushes) and they look super pretty, they are also really REALLY good!

Click here for a more detailed review of each brushCollapse )

Now on to another bunad update!
Last week I had my first bunad consultation. And probably last as well actually, it turns out there is no need for me to go there to get a fit. They have my measurements so they basically will just put the measurements on an adjustable mannequin and work from that.
I got a closer look at the fabric for the outfit, we talked about about the embroidery and the jewelry and they´re basically aiming for it to be finished before Christmas! EEEP, so exciting, I thought it would take almost six months!

Anyway, the show room was really awesome with lots of bunads on display. The ones from Telemark were particularly stunning, so I asked if I could snap a few pics of them:



I admit I almost had a change of heart seeing these, but then I remembered that these are actually twice as expensive as the one I´m getting....

And finally just to round off. I did post this on Twitter, but I just think it´s hilarious!
This is from a reality show called "Alt for Norge" (or "The great Norway adventure" in the US) Basically they bring a group of people with Norwegian heritage over here to discover more about their roots and also to compete in order to win a reunion with their living Norwegian relatives.
Makes for a lot of fun. Last week they were all celebrating the national day and they got to wear.... you guessed it! And they were thrilled, so thrilled in fact they apparently decided to make a tribute:

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September 16th, 2012

01:14 pm: Pimping: A friend´s handy work!
Happy Sunday all. Is there anything nicer than spending a lazy Sunday looking at pretty pictures of needle work? Of course not. A good friend of the family (my childhood friend´s mother actually) has always been good with her hands. The recent years she has really stepped up on her knitting and sewing, so much in fact that she is currently producing en masse and selling it too! She´s been having stands on different fairs around and her stuff is quite popular. I thought I´d share some of the great things she makes:

Bags, mittens, baskets - oh my!Collapse )

If you want to check out more of her work, this is her blog:
It is also possible to send her an email shoud you want to buy any of ther products.

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September 5th, 2012

11:17 am: Bunad picspam
You may or may not remember my entry a few months back (this one: http://miss-nightowl.livejournal.com/325820.html?nc=9#comments ) where I talked about finally getting my own bunad. I´ve been determined to do so and especially since my granmother gave me (quite a lot of) money before my birthday. And... last weekend I finally ordered it! Now, it will take months before it is ready of course, I expect there is a wait list and the sewing itself will take a while and all that, but I´m hoping it will be ready for the national day next year. EEEEE! So excited! :o)

And as such - a little bunad spam! There are actually several variations of that particular bunad I´ve ordered. Clicky here for a loadful of national romanticismCollapse )

So... all blue-green for me. Which one would you pick if you had the choice?

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August 23rd, 2012

10:29 pm: Picspam: Hurricane lanterns!
As you may or may not have heard, I have a wee fetish for hurricane lanterns. I´m generally fond of candles, especially in the winter, but those lanterns in particular. I´ve already had several around the house for a while, but those of you who read this post: http://miss-nightowl.livejournal.com/326191.html?nc=12#comments will remember there is one in particular I´ve been drooling at for ages.
Well, not only did I get that for my birthday, but I also got another one!

Theoretically I didn´t get the other one as a present, but my aunt started talking about one she got which she didn´t really think fitted in her house, and we agreed on my taking it off her hands... anyway, all this inspired me to do a wee spamsie, because we can all do with some pretty candles once in a while, I´d like to think:


Let me just start off with posting something that´s... NOT a hurricane lantern at all!
These little dishes are Murano glass (who wants to guess why I bought them! Hands please!), ie some of the most beautiful Venetian glass you can get. Ironically enough I didn´t buy them in Venice, I bought one in Marbella, Spain and one in Rome. And you can of course use them to something else but candles, but they are just so pretty with tea candles in them.
The other candle holder is from Hadeland Glassworks.


This is from my kitchen window.


Ok ok, so these are not hurricane lanterns either, but it´s always nice with some pretty light at your working station.


Aaaah, here it is at last! Isn´t it super pretty!? :o) Presenting Fuego from Hadeland!


Aand a few more from living room, the big one also from Hadeland Glassworks.


And the one my aunt gave me.


And finally the one I have in the guest room.

And that was all. Night night - lights out people!

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August 18th, 2012

01:54 pm: Pictures from Yorkshire
Hello LJ-world, hope you all have had a lovely summer.
I´ve just gotten back from 3 days in York, or as I call it: My Brideshead pilgrim trip. And we has pictures.



Clifford´s Tower in the city centre.

+ 18 moreCollapse )

And that be all. Lovely place to visit, highly recommendable.
Next vacation in two months.

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July 21st, 2012

01:39 pm: Something sweet for the weekend
Happy Saturday all, Owlsie is back to share a recipe!
I got a very lovely recipe for peanut truffles from Frida, owner of this blog: http://lchf-bloggen.blogspot.no/2011/11/peanttsmrkonfekt.html
But as you probably very quickly notice, it´s all in Norwegian, so I figured I´d do an English version along with pictures of my own procedure. So here we go!

For about 20 truffles, you´ll be needing:

100 g butter
100 g cream cheese
app 4 table spoons peanut butter
2-3 table spoons of sugar (or sweetner if you´re diabetic)It´s really up to you how sweet you want it.
2-3 pinces of salt, but ONLY if you´re used unsalted butter! I didn´t so I really thought it was salty enough.
200 g dark chocolate

Blend the butter, cheese and peanut putter in a bowl. If the ingredients are not room tempered, you might wanna put it in the micro for 10-15 seconds. It´s not supposed to be all melted and runny, just soft enough so that you can blend it all well together. Add the sugar and salt to your taste.


Spread the batter onto a tray clad with baking paper or tin foil. How thick you spread it is up to you, but you´ll be cutting it into candy-sized squares afterwards. Put it in the fridge (or alternately the freezer) for a couple of hours.


Melt the chocolate in the micro or over boiling water. Let it cool off. You want it cool enough so that the peanut filling wont melt from the heat when you dip it into the cocolate. Mine was about 37 degrees Celsius, ie finger warm.


Take out the peanut filling (it should be normal butter consistency by now) and cut it into little squares. Dip the pieces into the chocolate, shake off the excess and put the pieces on a new tray with baking paper or tin foil.


Put the truffles back into the fridge to cool for another couple of hours. Ideally they should be left overnight. And always keep them in the fridge so they don´t melt.
A finish batch:


And why don´t I just show off my new kitchen table from IKEA as well. Very happy with it :o)


Enjoy and have a good weekend all!

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July 11th, 2012

09:38 pm: Stuff I like
Erm... a month already....? Right. Owlsie is back with another material posts. This is basically a random selection of things I like which I thought I´d share:

Alright ALRIGHT so I´ve been raving about the Clinique Chubby Sticks before but I just learned that they´ve come out with 8 brand new colours. 16 in total! Le Squee!! I still only got two, but tax free shop at the airport next month - watch out!

I´ve tried a lot, but the hand and foot creams from L´Occitane de Provence are definitely the best ones around. And I´m the type that absolutely must put on cream after washing or showering. Also, some of them has the divine fragrance of lavender. Not many stores around here though, so this is another product I stock up on at the airport. They have great travel sizes as well.

Thought I was only gonna talk costmetics? I´m slightly addicted to zumba at the moment and trying to do it about 4 times a week. My fave program is actually with this guy, Dennis Thomsen, a Danish fitness intructor. I got a zumba video of him somewhere... I can´t remember where, in a magazine I think. Causally threw it on and was immediately hooked. He is GREAT and the video is SO much fun. You go through the macarena, African dance, Lambada, samba and end up with a fantastic disco sequence. Awesome! :o)

Why yes, that IS just a glass of water...! *halo*
I´ve forgotten how much I love this cocktail, and I always always have it when I go on one of the mini cruises to Germany or Denmark (which I´m just back from in case you wondered).
It´s a Norwegian drink called "Fjellbekk" which translates to "mountain stream". Sounds nice and innocent, hmm? It contains Aquavit, vodka, lime juice and Sprite. It´s lovely and fresh, but I´m not sure you can get it outside Scandinavia. If you do however, go try. YUMMEEEH!

PS! I promise something lest materialistic the next time. Will put up a post with some personal photos.

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June 11th, 2012

08:00 pm: In loving memory of the Lancashire Midget Greenie
At long last, something I´ve been trying to complete for months now (thanks awfully Windows Movie Maker!):

Davy was one of my childhood idols. I think I came across The Monkees when I was about 12 years old and the sitcom was aired as re-runs on Sky Channel. I think I was pretty much hooked at the promo and didn´t even realise at first that it was a 25-30 year old show. It very quicky became my fave tv show. And at 12, how could you NOT love Davy?!

So when I first heard about his passing, I didn´t believe it at first. I think I came across the news on Twitter, but there was a lot of fake "RIP so-and-so" trending at the time, so I didn´t really pay notice. It was only when pleasant_valley talked about it I realised she´d never joked about something like that.

So that´s my second childhood hero gone. The first one was Patrick Swayze. And both of them passed way too early.

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June 7th, 2012

09:41 pm: New discoveries
Before I start, let´s get on the most important business:
My lovely friend Debbie has just written a story. So if you are a fan of good fiction, may I suggest you head over to her blog to check it out:


As you can see, the story is also available for download at Amazon. Go check!

One thing that´s great about life is that you´re never to old to come across and try new things. And here is a small and very random selection of stuff I´ve discovered and come to love lately:

Self tanning lotion from Yves Rocher
OK, so Yves Rocher is possibly my fave cosmetics brand ever, but I´ve always been extremely picky when it comes to self tanning, because a) most of the products smell really weird and b) they leave your skin sticky for ages afterwards. Leave it to Yves Rocher to solve it!
This product not only absorbes quickly but it also has a nice and relatively fresh coconut-ish fragrance. Perfect if you´re like me and has to go through various shades of lobster and freckles before getting a decent tan.

Alright, so I haven´t exactly just DISCOVRED orchids, but I´ve never actually owned one before. As I´m basically born sans green fingers, I figured when I got one as a present on New Yeas Eve it´d be dead and buried within two weeks. Turns out that orchid THRIVED in my kitchen window, right up until just a few weeks ago. I also got a new orchid for Easter, which is still in full bloom.
Colour me clueless... but I´ve fallen so much in love with those flowers now, that I´m sure I´ll always have on in my house :o)

Chubby Sticks by Clinique
Another product recommended by the ever brilliant Pixiwoo (http://www.youtube.com/user/pixiwoo), and I friggin LUFF these for a number of reasons:

a) Contrary to the image, these are not super strongly pigmentet lip sticks, they are in fact lip treatment with quite a sheer finish. And because they are lip treatment that contains things like mango butter, jojoba seed oil and shea butters they feel absolutely gorgeous to wear.

b) They got super cute and fruity names. I have two of them myself, which are called no 2 Whole Lotta Honey and no 7 Super Strawberry (no 3 and 4 from the right in the picture) and it´s one of my best buys ever cosmetic-wise

c) They look like crayons! Squee! :o)

For someone who´s never been overly fond of fish (or raw food for that matter), I never ever thought I´d like sushi. But what do you know, there I was a few months ago, sitting in Amsterdam airport with a glass of pink champagne, and before I could say "sashimi" my mother had lured several bites of sushi into me.
Since then I´ve had it at a restaurant here in town (along with Tempura, which I´ve also been dying to try ever since I saw Jamie Oliver make it on "The Naked Chef") and I´ve bought it as take-away a couple of times.
Of course you kinda have to like soy sauce and wasabi to eat sushi, but if you do: YUUUMMEH!!!

Have you guys come across any new and brilliant discoveries in your life recently?

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